What We Charge – Family Law

We will provide a free initial consultation over the phone lasting no more than half an hour. Thereafter we charge at the basic hourly rate of £325 plus VAT (£390). – (This could be varied according to complexity, urgency and value by separate agreement). 

Advice on the mediation process and outcomes will be on the same basis. If we are to check documents and give opinions on documents they will also follow the same hourly rates. We can also come to fixed fee arrangements in appropriate cases.

Fixed fee divorce is charged at £750 plus VAT + court fees. We would undertake a full review of your circumstances, preparing all necessary documents for court, including providing advice on finance and children and any other issues as they arise.

In all other cases including financial remedy, children, cohabitation disputes arising from relationship breakdown, inheritance and litigation, the hourly rate would be £325 plus VAT (£390). Disputes and litigation also charged at £325 plus VAT (£390). Again, we can also come to fixed fee arrangements in appropriate cases.

Estimates are given at the outset based on information provided and would be revised as the matter progresses.

All letters/email and routine telephone calls are charged at 1/10th of the hourly charging rate.